May is Official Skin Cancer Awareness Month

Skin Cancer is no joke. And it's a sneaky little thing if you aren't careful. Problem is, by the time we get to our mid twenties, a lot of the damage has been done, and there is no excuse for us to just add more.

 I started my career in cosmetics as a happy go-lucky skincare-unaware 19 year old beauty advisor in a white Clinique lab coat. My colleagues and I were constantly getting skin cancer prevention tips and warnings shoved down our throats by our higher-ups as part of our sales and training formula. Did I listen? Of course not! While I was selling City Block SPF 25 to every single client and warning her about the depleting ozone layer, I was running off to slather myself in Bain de Soleil with my bronze-y friends by the pool.

No bueno.

Many sunburns later, this little wannabe Girl from Ipanema (who is actually more of an NW20 in MAC speak) kissed the sun gods goodbye on her 30th birthday, and decided to humbly do as the Parisiennes do and 'embrace the pale!' and go faux!

 With so many self tanning options available on the shelves these days, it can be quite intimidating when deciding on the right one. Luckily, the newest formulas are less tricky to apply, and most importantly, less smelly than their pungent formers.

Here are my tried and true picks for easy to apply, easy to tolerate, and very effective self-tanning methods that will get you glowing (safely!) in no time.

Face Friendly options:

Us Nordies Girls used to HOARD samples of this liquid magic, but I highly suggest you go big . This stuff rocks.
Available at Nordstrom
Works great, smells fantastic. Soft, subtle, and well, perfect.
Available at Nordstrom

For the budget-minded Gal:
This Skin Cancer Association approved sunless bronzing cream also provides you with a nice dose of SPF 20.
Dries nice, non-greasy, and doesn't clog pores.
Available at Ulta


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