How to Book a Bridal Trial Run Session

Sacramento, California

One of the most important steps of my brides' beauty planning process is her trial run session, or what I like to refer to as a "preview" of her bridal beauty look. Designed as a session to consult about and create her vision together, as well as iron out timeline and headcount details, it an essential piece to assuring that her morning of bridal beauty is calm, effortless, and stress free.

Here are a few tips to help you out with planning your bridal beauty process!

Tip #1-First, book your artist! Then, later, book your trial.

Don't listen to the outdated information that the bridal guides and wedding websites recirculate and recycle every season. While when they often recommend that your trial should be booked closer to your wedding day is true, you should choose your bridal beauty pro around the same time you choose your venue or photographer. You chose them for their exclusivity, and the service they offer. Like them, there is only ONE of your wedding date, and only one of us! And in most cities, the truly professional bridal beauty artists are few and far between.

Resources like Yelp, and Wedding Wire,  are great for researching professionals in your area! More about this is covered here in my blog post Booking Your Bridal Beauty-Part One-Choosing a Professional

You don't want to waste your beauty budget on trying out a bunch of artist, then going back to that one that really wowed you with her portfolio and reviews only to find out that she is now booked.
For example...Getting married on Friday June 10th 2016? Book your professional bridal beauty artist around the same time you book your venue and photographer. Reserve your date with a contract and date retainer...and connect with your artist about two months before your big day to make an appointment to meet for a trial!

Tip #2-Never book an artist who offers your trial for "free" 

When researching your options, beware of offers you may come across for a "free trial". This is an immediate red flag of someone who is likely not yet a full time professional, (meaning they may work with no contract, may use less than standard business practices, and thus may have no real commitment to you!) An artist who works for free is still essentially "auditioning" for your booking. While this is often a way for newer artists to start out to build their experience working with brides, a seasoned bridal beauty pro will already be very established with years of experience, have very limited availability, and a solid business model and references that you can trust.

Your professional beauty artist is not only busy creating beauty on location or in the studio, she spends every single day planning, organizing, strategizing, and managing her full time bridal beauty business! 

Tip #3- Your trial should be booked at her place, not yours.

Your trial session should be booked one on one with your artist, away from your home, and in her work space or studio. Free from distractions, this time is committed to you and only you so that you can connect with your artist and feel completely cared for and listened to.

Your artist should prepare you with tips and information of how to make the most of your session before you meet, let you know how much time it will take,  and be open to your feedback and critique

Christi Reynolds Beauty Studio-Midtown Sacramento

Tip #4-Don't expect your trial session to happen on a weekend.

While it sounds like the ideal situation to have your hair and makeup done for your bridal shower, or for your engagement photos-Who wants to waste great hair and makeup, right? Remember that a true bridal beauty professional is just that: a bridal beauty professional-(that's why her portfolio and reviews are so awesome!) which means she is committed to servicing her brides most Fridays through Sundays-which are of course, are peak wedding days.

With the particular service I offer, I only work with one bride per day, Friday through Sunday, and I am usually in a different city for each of those days. While it may sound really great for me to come meet you at my studio after one of my local weddings on a Saturday, keep in mind that I have probably already worked a 8-12 hour day, and have another one the next day. I need my beauty sleep too, and my brides deserve for me to be at my best-and so do you!

Christi Reynolds Beauty Studio

And lastly,

Tip #5- Your trial is more than just trying out your artist and your bridal hair and makeup.

Believe it or not, the success of your bridal beauty trial session will depend on your participation too! When looking for an artist, and when the subject of booking your trial comes up, your bridal beauty pro will be asking you a lot of questions. About your venue, your vision, your style, your gown, the time of year. Be prepared to give her the details of your ladies and their needs as well. Also be prepared with your photographers shoot schedule and your wedding planner's timeline.

My final thoughts:

Although it may be scary to think about booking and investing in your artist before meeting her or experiencing her work firsthand (although most of my brides do!) If her website, referrals and reviews are still mot making you feel awesome about your decision, a full time bridal beauty pro like myself is going to be more than  happy to have you pop in for a few minutes to meet face to face -however expect that it will need to be on her time, and between clients on a day that she is working in her studio. 

I understand that although this is (literally)my thousandth time, this is your first-and only!- time.

You can read more about my trial run process on part three of my upcoming Blog Post: Booking Your Bridal Beauty | How to have a Successful Trial Run Session 

Hope this was helpful, and that you enjoyed the read!



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