NEW YEAR, NEW BEAUTY! A little bit of news....



You know that I LOVE to talk about beauty, so I have a little story for you…
In 2016, after having done make up professionally for almost two decades, I came out with my own branded line of boutique cosmetics- the CRB line. I really wanted to be able to share some of my favorite products with my clients, so I created my powders, foundations, and lip glosses. I love all of them! And so do my clients…
But… There was something missing! I KNEW I wanted and needed an amazing skin care line to share with my clients.
After a few months of researching, I added Arbonne to my offerings. I thought, well this is a wonderful company! I love that Arbonne is cruelty free, vegan, paraben free, and gluten-free… Which hits all the marks for me when it comes to skin care and nutrition for my clients! But… I knew something else was missing..
… I KNEW I wanted to be able to offer PROFESSIONAL make up and skincare to my clients.
But- What is professional make up? How is it so different than the products I can pick up at the department store? These are very good questions, and ones that I had myself.
Professional makeup vs. "consumer makeup" means:
-Higher pigment content
-Less fillers
-Longer wear
-Superior blendability
-Ease of application
-Beautiful colors and textures
-High end ingredients
I never thought that I could offer professional make up and skin care to my clients and know for CERTAIN that they are high quality, natural, required no animal testing, and have it all still be paraben free, gluten-free, and/or vegan.
I am SO proud and so excited to announce that I am one of Sacramento's only representatives and beauty guides for Limelight by Alcone, a long established New York based company that provides professional make up and skin care solutions that have only previously been available to professional make up artists.
This is so exciting for me, because everything I use in my pro kit has been designed for professional use, and has always been a little bit less user-friendly than I'd like… so I have always stuck with teaching my clients with more easy to use natural beauty products that I can find on the department store level, that is easy for my clients to access-which can be gteat, but they never rendered the same color pay off, or results.
As your personal Limelight beauty guide, you now have access to all of the favorite things I've been using on my professional work for almost two decades- and some of the most amazing skincare I have ever had the opportunity to use.
Please check out my online store- and let me know if you have any questions!

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