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Christi Reynolds Beauty-2018: A Gratitude Post

2018 marks my 20th anniversary in the beauty industry, and I felt compelled to write a little note about it. Looking back on the past two decades, I can't believe I am here, but really, I can't imagine myself being anywhere else. It's easy to wonder what would have happened should I have chosen to finish my college degree, become a writer, move to New York, and maybe, hopefully work for a publication. But if there is one thing I have learned is that the best laid plans always fail, and destiny just might be a thing.

From an early age I have always appreciated every little nuance of beauty. Like a bird, sparkly things always seemed to have caught my eye. I love ambient lighting. A special velvet ribbon. A foreign language's lilt. Iambic pentameter. A haunting tune. The idea of travel. I loved writing about and drawing pictures of pretty people, places and things, about what I considered lofty ideas of unreachable worlds of luxurious possessions, and delicious experienc…

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