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My 40th Birthday Celebrated- with peace, nature, pretty dresses, and of course, my dog

Dear Beauties,

What are you celebrating today? Something big? Perhaps a friend's promotion, or a trip you are anticipating, or good news from your doctor? Or is it something small, like there is one coffee filter left, the gas tank is full, or that face cream you have heard raves about online has arrived in the mail just before your shower and beauty routine.

I have beautified women for my entire career, and it is always in celebration of something.

Celebrating their beauty and the strength and power of their minds and bodies in an intimate boudoir session. Celebrating success, ambition and abundance in a portrait or head shot session. Celebrating strength, faith and healing when they are capturing their beauty in times of overcoming pain, suffering, and illness. Celebrating love with their engagement announcements, and then again for their weddings. And one of my favorites, celebrating motherhood and new life for for their for maternity photo sessions, and portraits with their gro…

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