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Hello Friends!!!


Fresh air, warm sun, bare legs, sandals, shorter/brighter hair, iced coffee, daylight savings and...SPF!

How have you all BEEN? I think I've just about shaken off the winter blues and I'm currently gearing up for my summer wedding schedule but....Since December I've been a very busy gal on a super exciting project. I've expanded my studio lesson service session offerings (!!!!) by incorporating something new and very, very exciting for my clients. 
In addition to my now very curated line of branded CRB makeup products (a re-launch is coming this summer!) I have become a proud one of Northern California's first professional representatives of a ground floor company developed by my faithful friends and purveyors of fine makeup artistry tools and goods-The Alcone Company.
My friends, I introduce you to Limelight By Alcone.

I now have access to give YOU access to some of the same professional makeup and skincare products I ha…

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