With love from Japan...

I was lucky enough to be contacted by Chieko's Mother -In -law- to- be, Susan, back in February. Her son Justin, who is in the Marines, met the lovely Chieko while in Okinawa, Japan, and, well, the rest is history, as they say!

 Chieko was lucky enough to have Susan plan her entire wedding for her here in California at the beautiful Flower Farm Inn. After many emails, ideas, and photos shared between Susan, myself, and Chieko, still all the way in Japan, we had a great game plan when we met just two days before her wedding day for her hair and makeup trial run.

I am posting here her hair design that we came up with...These rough hair shots are taken from my Blackberry...Official wedding photos to come!

Super gorgeous, and very fashion and beauty savvy, Chieko has verrrry long hair, down to her waist. She really wanted to incorporate a side ponytail with a lot of volume, and silk flowers.

Here is what I designed:

Photo credit: Eugene Gavyrush for Lixxim Photography

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