Five reasons why every woman should do a Boudoir Photography Session: A Makeup Artist's Point of View

Me at work!
While I have been styling ladies for Boudoir photos for only about half the amount of time I have been styling brides, which is quite a loooong time (Read my Bio here:), it is a part of my career that I have grown just as passionate about.
Making my way through my career as a beauty makeup artist, as opposed to a say, an 'edgy' or 'high fashion' artist, has really allowed me to really immerse myself in the type of makeup artistry a 'real life' woman can respond to, and identify with;  For example: More user-friendly colors. Products and colors with simpler packaging. The more neutral shades. Textures and ingredients that are beneficial to the skin. Education on what looks great on skin, and why.
All of this has really led me to appreciate, love and understand each woman's individual beauty, and how it can so subtly be enhanced.

And this is why I absolutely love Boudoir photography when it is done simply, tastefully, and tailored to fit each individual woman's personality and style.
Hair and Makeup by Christi Reynolds
Photographed by Lindsey Banks for Sexy Girl Photography

I think the first idea we get when we hear the word 'Boudoir', with its tricky spelling and pronunciation (Boo-DWAH. You're welcome) is that this photography produces those 1980's soft-focus images of totally made over women with over-sprayed hair, over glossed lips and MAJOR makeup going on. Oh, and feather boas. And gloves.
And I must admit-very early in my career, I certainly had my share of experiences working with photographers that worked with these elements that didn't have anything close to the talent, technology and creative vision and tools that the photographers I work with today do. I know that times have changed, styles have changed, but I must say-I sure am glad that my feather boa'ed shoulders and bad lighting experiences are a thing of the past!

Things have absolutely changed in the world of beauty and fashion photography, and the Boudoir Photographers I love to work with understand beauty in the ways that I described in the beginning of this post.

Now, I'm no photographer, but I am offering you my top five reasons, as an innocent observer who has been on many a Boudoir 'set', why I think that every woman deserves this special 'do-it- now- you -only live -once' type of experience! Each time I am on a shoot, I am reminded of these reasons, and I love my job even more and more.


Reason #1-You DO only live once! 
Not to be a downer or anything, but we are here for quite a short time, really. Risks are for taking, life is for living, fun is for having, and everyone should feel the freedom of forgetting what others may feel or think, and just go for it once in a while! At least for something as fun as this! Confidence is so sexy.

Hair and makeup by Christi Reynolds
Photographed by Carmen Salazar

Reason #2-You CAN look like 'that'!
Hair and makeup by Christi Reynolds
Photographed by Jessica Giblin for Jessica Giblin Photography
Not ONE of the fantastic Boudoir photographers I work with ever uses models. Sure, maybe earlier on in their careers they did to build their portfolios, but the most successful and artistically creative photographers I know and work with shoot only real women who hire them to use their talent, artistry, great lighting, and of course a fabulous hair and makeup artist (that's where I come in!) to create the beautiful images you see on their websites. Annnnd a little photoshop can help tremendously on those pesky areas that could use a little primping.

Reason #3-It's a great Eye-Opener
You think the women in the magazines naturally know how to lie like that, with their fingers relaxed just so, their lips parted oh-so subtly, their hair fanned perfectly around their faces?
Do you think that any woman jumps on her bed in her cutest pink cotton lingerie laughing hysterically at nothing, while her innocent puppy looks on?
And do you think that any man just happens to look over and see a beautiful woman in a skin tight black dress leaned against a wall with her hips angled perfectly on it, with her finger lightly brushing her perfectly glossed lips, which themselves are formed in an 'O' of slight surprise?
The answer, is NO.
These images we see in magazines, the modeling itself, is directed, coached and styled by the photographer.
Not even all professional models know when her hands are showing signs of nervousness or stress, or when she's got something funny going on with her makeup or hair. (That's my job) Only the photographer knows what will photograph well, and he or she will tell you what to do to get it that way.
So while all that practice in the mirror the night before your shoot might help you get rid of the (totally normal, by the way) jitters, you'll be amazed to find how little of it you will need to remember, if any at all!
Hair and Makeup by Christi Reynolds
Photographed by Lindsey Banks for Sexy Girl Photography
You'll walk away giggling with your new knowledge of what probably goes on behind the scenes of a magazine shoot to get such amazing shots!

Reason #4-What a fantastic opportunity to 'pretend' again
This reason may be similar to the one above, but I most want to emphasize one major element of Boudoir Photography that not many women consider, and that's:
For the most part, It's not real.
Hair and Makeup by Christi Reynolds
Photographed by Jackie Willard for Jacqueline Photography
Of course that's you lying there looking absolutely stunning in your most beautiful lacy things and  gorgeous hair and makeup, probably in a beautiful setting, with the most perfect lighting of all time.
This is a session that is designed to capture you at your most beautiful version of yourself, and invoke a fantasy; a way of picturing ourselves in a way we don't on a day-to-day basis, and proof that it really, deep down, exists!

Reason #5-It makes a very unique and personal gift; To yourself.
Need I say more? Of course it's a phenomenal gift to give your lucky guy, he will love it! But I guarantee you this: You will flip back through your album just as many times as he does to re-experience and re-affirm that day that you felt, looked, and captured your individual, special beauty.

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