Getting Wild in the Off Season....

While I have definitely made my way in this industry by honing my skills as a bridal and beauty makeup artist, I still LOVE the opportunity to create a more raw and edgy, sexy look when I have time. Sometimes it is nice to toss in a little bit of avant garde to break up the sweet and innocent.

Last Monday night, a bunch of us creative types got together with a little wine, some awesome music, a couple of model friends, some beautiful handmade custom leather jewelry, a couple of cameras, and in a tiny Midtown Sacramento apartment, this is what happened. What I call an art jam, if you will.

Enjoy! We sure did.

Make sure to follow the links below the photos to see more of our work, and to see more of Kristy Oneto's beautiful leather jewelry pieces.

Photography by Stephanie Birch Molina and Thomas Dodson

Jewelry by Kristy Oneto for Rinascimento 

Styling by Kimberly wells

Hair by Laura Milo

Makeup by Christi Reynolds


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