Wedding Day smoky eye a lá Kim Kardashian? Let's discuss...

There she is again.

Petite, perfectly curvy, gorgeously beaming with her sisters in her latest department store design, precariously balancing on red-soled heels on a busy city sidewalk or a big event's step and repeat. She looks flawless, and she's boasting once again her self proclaimed favorite black Smudge Stick Waterproof eyeliner by Stila and mile-long lashes to complete her ever-present, ever-famous and internationally envied...smoky eye. 

I get the request all the time in my studio at Christi Reynolds Makeup Artistry.

You want that! It's gorgeous! How does she (or, er...her makeup artist) always seem to successfully achieve that perfect blend, that seamless gradation of color form dark to light? What colors are those? Who makes them? Can I do that???

Of course you can! It's actually not that difficult to achieve with the right tools and a little practice. There are even youtube channels dedicated to perfecting this technique. You, too, can have smoky, sexy eyes in varying shades of black, taupe and silvery gray shimmer, topped with full flirty lashes that frame those big dark peepers. Amazing!


It's a request I get time and time again. "I want my eyes to stand out" "I want a super smoky eye and lots of liner and lashes!" Now, I am never one to dash a bride's dreams or desires of looking absolutely anything but fabulous on her big day.


But I truly believe that as a professional makeup artist that I would be doing my bridal clients a huge disservice if I encouraged them to choose an eye makeup that is of the latest trends, and not the timelessly beautiful, and quite simple, eye makeup that will for sure stand the test of time for years to come in your amazing (and very expensive) wedding photos. That said, your eyes CAN still be the focus of your beautiful bridal look, but unless you rock the Kim on a daily basis in your 'real life', I don't recommend this look for your  big day.

What I DO recommend, while making sure that your eyes still do the talking, is to keep your bridal makeup within what I like to call the 3 C's of my Bridal Makeup rule of thumb: Clean, Chic, and Classic.

With these steps, your makeup artist will help you achieve an eye makeup look that would have even Kim asking "Who did your wedding makeup? It's gorgeous!"

-Choose eyeshadow shades that enhance your skin tone, and perhaps deepen it slightly.

-Go for some shimmer, but never glitter.

-Enhance (never re-invent) your own lashes with some natural looking individual falsies, or wispy half lashes that blend with the shape and length of your own. Your makeup artist can customize them for you!

-Keep liner to its' intended purpose: to enhance and visually 'thicken' your lash line. This is not the occasion to go for too much boldness, or the winged look.

Now, I truly like how Kim's makeup looks a lot of the time, so I have included here a couple of images of her in the kind of makeup that I feel (save for her notoriously lengthy trademark lashes) fits the parameters of classic Bridal makeup!

Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! And remember-Choose your Makeup Artist wisely, but DEFINITELY choose her!




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