Bridal Makeup | 5 Tips for Wedding Proof Makeup!

Okay. I know there are going to be skeptics out there. I don't blame you! You should be skeptical and critical when choosing a professional makeup artist (I cover this in lots of my other blog entries)
But along with skeptics and cynics, I do get the real full-on doubters who regularly ask questions such as:

"You won't make me look like a clown, now, will you?"  


"You won't make me look like Mimi from Drew Carey, now, will, you?" 


"You won't make me look like (fill in the blank) now, Will you?"

Now, I am sweet as pie-Ask anyone! But I do tend to be a bit cheeky sometimes, (I have found my cheekiness wins over my biggest cynics and skeptics, and I have made some lifelong friends and acquaintances from some of my most skeptical clients with my matter of fact, yet friendly disposition) and I like to think I'm being fun and funny when I  say back:

"Only if you want me to!"

But it's true! Of course I can do all of those things if you like, but I honestly don't think I'd be where I am today professionally as a makeup artist by perfecting the expertly applied, long lasting HIDEOUS makeup. (Only for Halloween.)
I then follow up with my explanation of how and why they will look like a million bucks when I am done with their makeup, and everyone is happy.

Now for wedding clients, the questions are always these...

"You are going to make this last all night, aren't you?"

"You are going to waterproof this, right?"

"Are you sure my eyelashes won't fall off?"

My answer?

I do everything within my power as a makeup professional to ensure that your makeup will last all night, is waterproof, and that your lashes stay put!
For the skin- I prime the skin and use only water resistant formulas and textures of foundations and concealers, and recommend airbrush makeup for it's long wear.
For the eyes- I use water proof bases, liners, mascara, and faux eyelash adhesive.
For the lips- I like to use transfer-resistant long-wear formulas that maintain their color and can be freshened/re-moistened by gloss.
By taking these steps,  and using the products, tools and techniques I have so expertly honed in my day, I think I do as good a job as any to make sure that your makeup isn't going anywhere!

The real secret???

There is a certain level of responsibility that must be met by my clients to maintain this beautiful, long lasting makeup application!

Sorry, ladies, it's true. You know the whole 'I'm a makeup artist, not a magician' bit, yada yada...)

But here are a few tips to help you out:

1-Years ago, I  heard one of my first trainers tell a bride "If you cry, think Grace Kelly, not Courtney Love". Brilliant!

2-Make  a tissue/hanky 'ghost' by wrapping your index finger with said tissue or hanky, and dab, don't wipe away those tears of joy. This goes for sweaty spots as well!

3-During my single bar-hopping days, I had a friend whose lipstick stayed on from the beginning of happy hour til last call. I swear. It was amazing. When I asked her how, she simply shrugged and replied "I guess I just always remember it's there". Genius!

4-When you get shiny-and if you are an oily T-zoned gal like moi, this is likely under any circumstance-
blot only your shiny spots with a  pressed powder. Do not rub away the areas that are intentionally glowy or blushing.

5-If there are two things you carry with you in that gorgeous clutch you got from that Etsy shop it should be these: A pressed powder, and a gloss. That is it! Your makeup professional has ensured that all else will stay in place besides your inevitable shine and the gloss your lips lost at dinner.

Your Professional Makeup Artist will do all that she or he can within their ability, short of lacquer and spackle, to make that makeup last from your first look to the last dance. To do otherwise, you just might look like a clown or Mimi from Drew Carey, and we can't have that on your special day.

So that said,

Choose your Professional Makeup Artist wisely, but definitely choose her!



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