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This is a question I often get  from my potential brides...

"So... if I were to have my hair and makeup done, as well as makeup for my five other ladies, it would cost $1,000? Is that crazy that it's almost more than I spent on my dress? I love your work so much, but I'm having a really hard time wrapping my head around this..."

 Today when I received that question, instead of just hoping that my bride would just simply understand the value of my service, I decided to sit down and explain it in full detail. See, I may have all the answers-but my clients certainly don't! And I feel it is my job to give them those answers..

Dear Potential Bridal Client,

As a recent bride myself, I understand how overwhelming planning a wedding is, and how difficult it is to decide what parts of your budget are most important to invest in! Looking back at my own wedding, I even have regrets on areas I didn't just bite the bullet for, and it still makes me a little sad.
I do think your bridal beauty experience is an area that should not be overlooked, or put at the bottom of that list-and I know your photographer and venue coordinator will agree!  Of COURSE, as a bridal beauty professional, this would be my expected answer-but honestly, it comes from many years of experience. I have several photographer friends who have sent their clients my way, only for the client to decide to go another more budget friendly route, and I hear later that the client's overall  experience was just not as good as it should have been. I also know how expensive and important your photography is, and that my service will only make that a  better experience for you as well by being sure that I am there with you during the creation of those captured moments.

THIS is the reason why I offer a full, exclusive service that goes beyond just penciling in a client, and arriving on the wedding day to do as many quick makeups as I can, then packing my kit up to rush off to another party. 

Why it's worth it:

  • That $1,000 price tag includes so much more than just getting your makeup and hair done on your big day. It includes your date retainer for me to reserve my services for your date and no one else's. It includes a one on one preview session of your complete bridal look in my studio prior to your wedding day, as well as all the studio experience brought to you at your location on your wedding day for you and your ladies. It also pays for the time I spend dedicated to just you-on your wedding day and throughout your booking. Believe it or not, I typically have anywhere from 15-100 emails with my brides during the time they are on my calendar. There is a huge amount of coordination and communication that goes into being sure that I am involved with your overall positive wedding experience, and that everything goes off without a hitch. From discussing and consulting about your beauty vision, scheduling studio appointments for your trial run sessions and engagement photos, and phone chats, connecting with your photographer for their shooting schedule, and your wedding coordinator to create a beauty schedule around the wedding day timeline. Honestly-creating your beauty on your wedding day is the easy (and of course most fun!) part. There is a lot of business that goes into it to make sure it happens seamlessly so you can enjoy a stress-free morning of beauty with your ladies.

  • To avoid the potential disasters that can ensue from double booking, I want to dedicate my time to ONE bride and her party per weekend day, per week, per year. I never want to feel rushed to get to the next bride on your wedding day. I like to be part of your entire wedding experience and be focused on only you-from the day you reserve your booking, through the preview process of your beauty look, until the day you say 'I Do". I understand that timelines can change mere days before a wedding; weather may prohibit a carefully designed shoot plan. Hotel and getting ready locations may change. A detail to the timeline or ceremony may be added. My dedication to you is my flexibility to accommodate any of these unforeseen timing situations, and offer you a stellar service.

  • I am a professional makeup and hair artist. This is my full time job, not just something I like to do because I am great at it, or have a really good eye for beauty, color and hair design, or because I have the time to squeeze in weddings around another job. I have almost 2o years of experience and professional training under my belt. I am committed to continuing my education by investing several thousands of dollars of my earnings each year by attending workshops and classes. Not only that but I am a professional bridal beauty artist, which is about 20% of what I just mentioned, and 80% of of what I described in my very first bullet point! I joke sometimes that I am actually more of  bridal party wrangler; There isn't one bridal situation I haven't faced in my years, a scheduling challenge I haven't encountered, or beauty snafu I haven't conquered. I am experienced in handling almost every aspect of your morning of bridal beauty! I also really love it, and  I am really good at it. 

  • I bring the studio experience right to you! I bring my kit, chair, lighting and talent right to your location to create the luxury of an on location beauty experience, ensuring that the look you have been envisioning of yourself for your big day is executed professionally, and beautifully, right in the own comfort of your home, hotel room, or venue's bridal suite.

  • Your professional photography is a REALLY important, if not the most important, aspect of your wedding day. To you, and to me. I know you have invested in having your memories captured beautifully, and makeup and hair assistance throughout those photos is key. As a professional beauty artist that has worked with professional photographers for most of my career, I know that watching for shine, adjusting your gown and veil in windy situations, drying your post-ceremony tears of joy-not mention touching up your lips after all that kissing-are the things that make the difference between a good portrait, and a beautiful one. 
I never used to be one to feel the need to explain the value of my service to potential clients if they can't readily see it-or the difference between my professional beauty service and that of what a hobbyist may offer, or charge a fee for. However, more than ever in my industry, I do feel it is important that I go the extra mile and take the time to enlighten my potential bridal clients on the difference between the value of the service I give, and what I do vs. what others may do. You only get married once-and this is the first and only time you will ever have to make these kinds of decisions. I understand that you need a little help, and I am here to answer those questions!

I really hope that this helps you make the decision that is best for you and your budget for your bridal beauty experience, and I hope to be the one to create it for you!


Christi Reynolds is an award winning professional makeup artist and beauty educator with over fifteen years experience working in the beauty and fashion industry. She is a professionally trained and certified former member of management for several major artistry brands in the cosmetics industry, and has been on several retail cosmetics training teams. Now on her own providing services as a full time freelance makeup artist and beauty educator, Christi has gone on to earn a very respected name for herself locally in the industry. Christi continues her own education by attending artist workshops nationally, and is mentored by some of the industry’s top names in the Business. Her 5 star ratings on Wedding Wire, Yelp and other revered industry review sites have earned Christi the reputation of  being the consummate beauty professional. With an eye for detail and perfection, as well as a love for every genre of makeup artistry, Christi has been inspiring and educating women, and creating beautiful faces for all of her career.  She has worked with photographers and personal clients all over California, doing makeup for commercial and print work, weddings, head shots, fashion spreads, models’ portfolios, and art shows. She holds seminars, lessons, and regularly mentors and leads makeup artists in her area that new to the business of professional makeup industry. Her work has been featured in several publications including Sacramento Magazine and Sacramento Bride and Groom Magazine, The Knot Northern California, and on several local television broadcasts.  Her work can be seen on The Knot, Martha Stewart Brides, Style Me Pretty, Style Unveiled and several other noted photography and wedding blogs.

Christi is currently working with clients and photographers daily for makeup and styling for all occasions on location and from her Midtown Sacramento studio. To contact Christi or view her work, call her at 916-799-0915


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