Mirror Mirror::Reflecting on 2011, and looking into the future...

Doing what I do for a beautiful bride in Foresthill, Ca
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Resolution, Schmes-olution.
I make 'em to break 'em, and fess up, so do you.

But darn if there isn't another single time period in the year that I am so focused on new beginnings, and change.

My weight, my ways, what I want, what I wish for. Blah, blah...

But before any changes can be made, I need to reflect on the past to recognize the things I really want to change, and what might just be perfectly fine, staying just as they are.

A few noted reflections on some major lessons I learned in 2011:

  • If I haven't worn it (clothes or makeup) in 6 months (okay, a year), I probably never will. 
  • Love and friendship are choices, not things that just happen to me
  • My past is something that happened to me, my future is what I decide to do about all that.
  • I finally found it- I think Eyes to Kill Mascara by Giorgio Armani really IS the best mascara in the world. Hands down, no exceptions.
  • My grandparents were right. About almost everything.
  • Only buy things that are in season, and fresh, that can be used now. This goes for everything-from fashion to produce. If I bought it thinking I would use it later, I never did. Waste. (Thanks JB)
  • Natural oils in products are good for you, and all makeup is a bunch of minerals. Just sayin'.
  • Don't ignore any lumps bumps, funny moles, aches, pains, etc. Please, and thank you.
  • Paying off a car loan is a better feeling than any mood enhancing drug out there can give you. For real. (Thank you GP)
  • The spider never needs to hunt the fly. (Thank you honey xo)
  • Thank you cards and phone calls (vs. emails and facebook messages) have not lost their value 
  • Loss, both personally and professionally ( I'm still  not completely over getting my kit stolen last year. Meanies.) while heartbreaking at the time, most inevitably, when handled with grace, turns to gain. (My kit is bigger, better and more fantastic than ever! Ha!)
  • The stress about not having health insurance is far more costly than the premiums.
  • It really is important to wash your face before bed. Every. Single Night. And to use eye cream.
  • They are only your 'enemy' if you give them that ugly name, and really, nobody should even have one (IMHO).
  • Yoga is my friend.
  • Eating, sleeping, breathing, dreaming, writing, typing, blogging, booking, networking, dressing up for, gettin' down for, traveling, stocking up, talking about, collecting, hoarding, treasuring and perfecting my makeup artistry is worth the 24/7 job of being my own boss.

With all that reflection going on...what does the future hold?

Only time will tell.

But first, I plan on renewing my mascara, weeding out my closet, scheduling a physical, kissing my fiance and telling my family I love them, and perfecting my Warrior 2.



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