Clean Makeup | Using Less to get More

I'm always giving my clients the same age-old advice, and using the classic adages of 'less is more' and 'a little bit goes a long way'.
Less Foundation-More Freckles

Well, of course those ideas ring true and it is sage advise for a reason, but now we can celebrate ease of product use and the longing for a simpler routine. It's the way we want to look as we go about our daily routines; clean, effortless, fresh, and perfectly defined.
Luckily for us 5-product -and -out -the -door kind of  makeup mavens, we are now seeing this concept everywhere-on the runway, in the magazines, and on your favorite models and celebs. And it is Oh-so easy. Just drop the old habit and a pick up the new.
Less Eyeliner-More Brows

Here are a few 'new' ideas to try:
Less Lip Liner- More Lip balm

LESS Eyeliner -MORE Eye Highlight

LESS Powder-MORE Cream

LESS Lipliner - MORE Lip balm

LESS Eyelashes- MORE Eyebrows

LESS Color -MORE Nudes

LESS Blush -MORE Contour

LESS Brushes- MORE Fingertips

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