Bridal Makeup | Granite Bay Country Club Wedding | Granite Bay, Ca

Granite Bay, California

There was just one thing I requested from Michele when we met for her bridal makeup trial...

...that she wouldn't require me to cover up those lovely freckles! 

Michele was such a sweet, kind soft-spoken bride. Smitten with her fiance and his darling kids, she was super excited to get down that aisle and start their life together as a family. Referred to me by a friend, I loved that she was completely trusting in my vision. Combined with hers, together we created a beautiful bridal makeup that enhanced her lovely features, and allowed her blessed -by- nature 'sun kisses' to shine through.

Using a water based airbrushed foundation, and sheer textures and spring-y tones for her eyeshadows, lips and cheeks, I created a look that was both bridal sweet, and Michele true.


Michele on her wedding day, as photographed by
 Debbie LaBrot for Lily Rose Photography


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